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Coy Pond Business Park
Poole, Dorset
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Femdesigner Ltd. are specialists in engineering stress & thermal analysis via Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for virtual prototyping of new designs or verifying old ones. We develop and sell FEMforAD; an FEA addon seamlessly integrated into the Alibre MCAD workspace (compatible with v2019 to v22* Alibre Design and Atom3D) and also the Hex standalone FEA for solid models from other CAD systems. Free 28 day trials.
*Both graphics modes are now supported in v22; HOOPS and Legacy.

Two pricing options:
$299 Basic has elastic, static analysis with contact
$899 Pro adds plasticity, steady-state/transient heat transfer, natural frequencies, transient dynamics, buckling

The automatic mesher produces high quality meshes with fine controls.

Large models solve fast with 64-bit parallel direct and iterative solvers.

Tiny footprints for immediate loading.
Developed over more than 20 years, FEMdesigner's technology is rock-solid, accurate and optimized. Born in the high-stress environment of solving real-world mission-critical problems with tight deadlines in industries like offshore, automotive, nuclear power, consumer products, aerospace and others, our technology has proven its value time and time again.
"Simulation-driven design" is still difficult to achieve because FEA software has long been complex and expensive so companies can't justify the expense of more than a few seats (if any) or train more than a few people.

Our software is feature-rich and accurate but also easy to use and affordable, so that anyone involved in the design process can have analysis software at their desk. Design changes made later in the process are more costly and require more compromises... FEMdesigner helps you make changes earlier. Now anyone in the design process can run their own analyses and make intelligent design changes early. THAT is the promise of simulation-driven design. And you can have it with FEMdesigner.

So if you are ready to reduce design time, increase quality and become more profitable, download a free trial and get back to us!
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