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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software embedded within a free solid modeler. Import from a neutral file (STEP or IGES) from any other CAD system, modify the model then perform the analyses you need, and plot/animate the results in color contours.
modeling tools in Hex:
  • import step, iges & export step, iges, stl files.
  • create sketches then extrude, loft, revolve them to create solids.
  • boolean operations; cut, fuse, split, intersect solids.
  • translation, rotation, patterning of features.
  • fillet, chamfer edges.
FEMdesigner Classic
Old-school structured meshes of beams, 3D shells, axisymmetric quads and 3D hexahedra via input text files. Still useful and now with 64-bit parallel solving. Free with verified purchase of Hex or FEMforAD.
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Warrington, UK

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