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FEMdesigner Ltd. does a lot of consultancy in the energy and automotive sectors; design, stress/thermal analysis and fitness for service (FFS). If you have a problem you don't have the resource or experience to solve then please contact us for a quote.....unlike most others, we don't just know how to use design codes & software, we intimately know the theories behind the codes, the maths behind the software and the limitations of both! We specialise in innovative, fast methods for simulating corroded/damaged components and assessing them to current codes.

Past Projects Selection
Top: Corroded pipe plasticity (FE model from laser scan), hip bone crush test (voxel material props from 3D x-rays), 30Te stillage for nuclear waste (in daily use).
Centre: Corroded pipe plasticity (FE model from u/s scan), Beam Line Vessel for Iter fusion reactor, stackable cartridge Al-air fuel cells.
Bottom: Piston fatigue damage map, 11m high modular maintenance frame for Jet fusion reactor, Iter reactor front end natural frequencies.
Femdesigner Ltd
Company No. 07368906
Carlisle, UK

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