Alibre older versions (pre v22) and paying by installments

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Alibre older versions (pre v22) and paying by installments

Published by James G. in Upgrades · 29 December 2021
The website now has an option to pay for the Pro versions in ten equal installments. This acts like a subscription except that you can still use the software after the tenth payment. If any intermediate payments are forfeit then your license will be switched off until payments are resumed.

From early to mid. January 2022 we will no longer supply FEMforAD addons for versions of Alibre prior to v22. This allows the installation to become simpler. Upgrades are available to the latest version but if you don't wish to upgrade your pre-v22 software will still run on the latest version by clicking on the '32-bit' option on the 'Solve' dialog box.

Also, installation (and specifically users not switching off their antivirus software prior to installation) is the number one (and virtually only) user support issue. We eventually intend soon to avoid using the Windows installer (msi) and the Windows registry for FemforAD so as not to provoke the new generation of overly-aggressive antivirus software and hence cure this problem.

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