Installation under Alibre v25

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Installation under Alibre v25

Published in Upgrades · 24 June 2022
Alibre v25 is now live and now the older version can exist side-by-side with the new version. So the FemforAD Addon can now be installed to the wrong location. By default FemforAD is in a folder called FemforAD in the location
C:\Program Files\Alibre Design\Program\Addons

So when installing Alibre v25 you have 2 options to keep using the Addon as before:
a) Install Alibre to C:\Program Files\Alibre Design and not the one suggested by default.
b) Install Alibre to it's default folder then open the windows explorer and drag or move the femforAD folder from C:\Program Files\Alibre Design\Program\Addons to the new location of the Alibre v25 Addons folder.

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