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Antivirus software causes mesher crash

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It seems that some antivirus software aggressively blocks user access to the system registry. FEMdesigner uses the registry to transfer filenames between programs - as recommended by Microsoft - so the mesher and solver cannot work without registry access. Worse still there is an unavoidable bug in Visual C++ 2011 which causes a program crash rather than a graceful exit upon attempting to read such a blocked registry. This makes it look like it is a FEMdesigner bug rather than a Mcrosoft one.

To fix this you need to enter the antivirus program and unblock the registry block either universally or just for FEMdesigner. If in doubt ask your antivirus vendor. The antivirus software is here acting just like malware to prevent other malware from doing the same but clearly the users are not made sufficiently aware of it.

Also if your administrator blocks access to the registry you can unblock it by using a tool available from the Symantec website. Available here..

Unzip the file, right-click and install. For the future we will find another way to transfer the filenames to avoid this issue.

The return of Alibre

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